Thursday, December 9, 2010

New hat!

I have had a hard time keeping up with my chores.  I can't stop crocheting!  My hands hurt almost the whole time I am crocheting but I don't care.  It has become an addiction and it is hard to curb my enthusiasm when I get such exciting ideas!  As I was finishing up this hat, I thought how awesome it would be to be able to use a different colored band.  Well duh!  I was attaching the bands by sewing the buttons to them and the hat.  Now I just sew the buttons on and then make it so the band has button holes.  Are you as excited as I am?  I may even take this energy to put away some laundry, or maybe not. 

For Band color, when you check out, leave your color in notes to seller. Feel free to email me directly as well.



Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower.

shay said...

Hey you!!! I love to crochet! These are way to cute!! I was wondering if you sell patterns for personal use only? I am always looking for cute hats to make for my girls. Let me know! If not, that's ok!