Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Headbands

I was forced into taking quick pics of a flyer that my headbands are going to be on at a craft fair.  Nothing like a last minute picture.  I had to crop out half of my daughters face because she has wandering eye issues.  You can't tell if she is looking at you or the little man on your shoulder. All that aside, we love these headbands!  They are really popular because students and teachers can wear them in class.  It isn't a hat so they are able to sport the warmth and not have to worry about hat hair! I will make sure to list some on Etsy this next week.  I will have to use models without vision issues though.  If anyone wants to put in a special order, I can have them mailed out within 24 hours.

Sizes and Crochet Style

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Shane and Kim said...

Hi I just found your blog. My husband and son wanted to make gifts for my 2 daughters this christmas so they did your hair towel. It was just about to much sewing for my husband but he did it. I looked at your etsy store and saw that you are in Rexburg. I live in IF and and interested in the winter headbands you posted. I could make some but My daughters b-day is in 2 weeks and I am too busy between now and then. How much are they? Do you have any made up already that you are willing to sale? My email is