Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Mom, Interruped, A young family faces cancer"

A few months ago I was contacted by my husbands uncle John. He has written a book about his wives battle with cancer. He was looking for a new cover and had this idea for a new image. I was honored that he had asked me! After some help from my amazing friends, Kimberly & Mary, I was able to take the photos, design the cover and get it uploaded. I am so excited to have a copy. The part that I am not excited about is, I haven't been getting enough sleep. This is a book that I want to read in reverence and the only time I have that is when everyone is asleep.
I know this family, these people are my family. When you are married into this family, you may as well be blood. They are amazing people with all of the love in the world to give.
I have been at this post for about 30 mins. now and keep erasing what I have typed. My brain isn't able to say what is in my heart. Lack of sleep and focus are to blame. You can read more about this story HERE
Proceeds from the purchase of this book goes toward finding a cure for cancer.  Thank you uncle John for being brave and brilliant.  I am honored to be a part of this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Black & Silver

I am IN LOVE with this. I am going to make one with green flowers 1) For St. Patty's day and 2) cause I wear a lot of green. This bracelet is adult size. I will also be listing these in my Etsy store


I have mentioned before that I have a few business'. They all seem to have a season and so I am able to put my time and energy into them when "the time is right." Now that Spring is upon us, adult hats will slow down and jewelery and photography will pick back up. This is awesome because I have crafters ADD. I need to constantly be creating something or I get depressed. Literally, it is like the medicine that tops off the medicine I already take. After making the first few bracelets, my mind would not turn off. I have SO many ideas, but am limited on time. My family thinks it is important to "eat 3 meals a day." FINE then I say goldfish counts as a meal. Anyway, here is the beginning of what I have in store. I will be selling these bracelets. For the most part the price will stay the same for the sizes unless I start to use semi-precious beads for some of my creations.  My daughter wouldn't give this one back to me after she modeled for me.  It made me smile. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crochet Bead Bracelet

Once upon a time I subscribed to receive emails for crochet and knitting tutorials. Normally I don't open them but when I saw the title Crochet Beaded Bracelet, I couldn't resist. I have a small business called Time 2 Bead so I love to find new things to use my inventory. My daughter has a friend who was born on St. Patricks day so I thought it would make her a bracelet to try it out. I went HERE and found that the totorial was amazing. It was hard to crochet the string but I fell in love with how it turned out. I had pink string as well so I did 2 more just to see what else I could do. I really like them. I like the width and the feel when I wear it. So, I am going to get some black and brown to see what other color combo's I can come up with.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Quack me UP!

Get it!  Quack, instead of Crack, cause it is a duck!  I know, I know cheesy but irresistible.  My husband won't let me get live bunnies, or chicks this year so I have to make my own spring animals props.  I am listing these in my Etsy store  These can be adjusted to any size.  I made this one for a 6-12 month old cause that is how old my model is :)