Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hair Towel Tutorial

This is one of the BEST towels ever in life.  They have been around forever but still, these remain a mysery to some people.  My husband bought one for me early in our marriage.  Whenever he has a ding dong moment, I remember that he bought me the towel that changed my life and all is forgiven.  Yep, they are that awesome!!!  If you can sew a straight line, you can make this!  Once again, my husband gained a few tally marks on the "most awesome boyfriend ever" chart when he bought me my serger machine.  You can make this with just a sewing machine, but the towel sheds and gets everywhere.  Nothing that a wash in the washer can't fix eventually!
I love to give these as gifts.  They are awesome for a new mom baby shower gift, bridal shower or a gift for the holidays. If you don't feel like making one, feel free to visit my Etsy store to purchase a turbie hair towel.
You will need a hand towel, and 5 inches of elastic.  You will also need to use scissors, large dinner plate and your sewing machine.
I don't have a pattern that I trace and most of the time I just eyeball the towel when I cut it.  Make sure that the fold is away from you when you cut.  I use the plate to trace out the circle from the fold then straiten out the line towards the edge.  I used soap to mark my line, you can also use chalk.

 From the other end of the towel make your cut with a slight curve.  The more towel you can keep the better.  If you didn't make the cut to meet the first cut that you did, trim it.  This is where your elastic will go.
Your elastic needs to be pinned in between the two pieces of towel.  I put it in the spot where the curve starts at the top of the circle. Secure it with a pin.

I use two more pins as each end of the towel. You are ready to sew now!  I like to both serge and sew.  My serger doesn't give me a sharp seam so I like to serge, then sew.

Pretty simple right?  It is harder to figure out how to place it on your head than it is to make it.
Thanks to my daughter, I have a tutorial for that too!  Just put the round part of the towel at your neck.  Twist the towel and then tuck it into the elastic. 
Seriously, this thing will change your life.  Just get a removable hook to put next to the shower to hang your towel up.  I put it on before I even get out of the shower.  It makes it so my hair doesn't drip all over me which makes me very happy!  I can even chase my heathen 2 year old without worrying about my towel falling off of my head.  I need all of the skills I can gather when it comes to that kid!

Want one? It would be my pleasure!



Lorie said...

I love mine too!!

**Amy** said...

I need 4 of these! I have long hair and this WOULD change me life!

Amanda said...

This is great! I'm a new follower! I featured you on my blog today - Today's Top 20. Would love if you could stop by!
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Caytlyn said...

i love this idea!! i use mine everyday and it is very convenient. cuz i do my make up first and hair last!! best idea EVER!! :)

ShannonAnn said...

This is a great idea, I have seen them around too but I am just now deciding to make one for my long hair.
Thanks for sharing!