Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabric flower clips!

This is my first big girl tutorial.  I haven't done one of these before because I don't like to share how I make my stuff.  I am very protective of what I do because I hate being pumped for info by friends that are only "friends" with me because I do lots of totally rad crafts.  Sometimes, I want to learn too!  Thanks to the internet, I have learned so much!  So, this is my way of getting over this.  I can share, learn and grow ALL at the same time.  I should just cuddle up with a good book for the rest of the day cause I have accomplished a lot already. 
This is my version of the fabric flower clip.  I am sure that this has been done before but I thought of this while I was doing dishes the other day.  (and by doing dishes, I really mean watching my son unload the dishwasher while cutting out fabric.)
Everything you need to complete this project is seen here
 Liquid starch, 1/8 yard fabric, felt, button, hair clip, needle and thread, aluminum foil and glue gun.
Cut 8 of the same shaped flowers.  One of each style is show here. You could just do circles if you want to keep it simple.  Also cut out your felt circles for the back of the finished flower.  If I am attaching the flower to a clip, I like to cut a small slit.
I like my fabric stiff so if you don't, you can skip this part and the next.  Put the flowers in liquid starch, coat each piece and squeeze the excess out.
Crumple up a square of aluminum foil to lay the flowers on to dry.  I found use for my dryer's shoe/hat rack.  My flowers dry in 5 mins this way.
When they are dry, it is time to fold them.  Fold it in half three times.  I like to fold one flower, then thread it.  Do this 8 times.
After your last flower is threaded, thread the first folded flower on again.  Pull the thread tight and then knot it.
 If you are doing a clip, slip the clip into the felt and glue them to the bottom of the flower.  If you are doing a head band, glue 1 felt circle to the head band and one to the flower.  Then, glue the two of the together. 
Add your favorite centerpiece to the middle and TADA!  Let's look at them again shall we?


Lorie said...

Oh! I love it. How I wish you would just run away and come live in Texas so I could make one with you. And by that I mean watch you make one while I drink a Dr. Pepper.

Michelle said...

I miss you Lorie! I would make one for you while you drink you DP only if you share.

**Amy** said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing. My girls will love these. And...I just might drink me some Dr. Pepper while making some too! {I have a secret DP obsession too}!

JKx2 said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial! i have been scouring the internet for pictures on how to attach the hair clip and how to attach to a head band!