Thursday, October 7, 2010

$3 Thursday

HI!  I have to wake this blog up.  I have way to much craft crap in my house.  I make it because I love to create.  I tell my husband that I make it to sell.  Most of the time, this is the case.  The rest of the time, I make my treasure, put it where I can look at it every once in a while, try to find it because my 2 year old likes to torture me by playing hide and seek with EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE and then find it a few months down the road.

These have not been hidden by the beast. I promise he hasn't been able to get his paws on my vinyl treasures.  My sister is a vinyl genius and this is the excuse that we used to need to get together.  Aren't these pumpkins cute? If you haven't applied vinyl before it is very simple.  The vinyl is like a giant sticker.  Just peel the paper off the back, stick the tape to the pumpkin, smooth the vinyl, peel the tape.  That is pretty much it!

Today is the very first ever $3 Thursday for Totally Rad Crafts!  These are $3 per face and they come approximately 5" x 6".  You can also pick 4 for $10 or the hole set of 11 faces for $20.  Want some?   I can either post it in my Totally Rad Crafts Etsy store or send a pay pal invoice directly to you.  Thanks for playing!


Shannon said...

I want these faces...all of them PLEASE!! Send me an invoice through paypal here is my email address...
Thanks a ton

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Such cute faces. I love the snow hat and headband accessories too!!

mitchpamandtherhoadants said...

I would like to buy all 11 of the faces and need them right away!
Pam Rhoads
1810 E. sagittarious place
chandler, AZ 85249
please send me a paypal invoice!

Beverly said...

I would like some. Please send an invoice to