Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cranky Bird Hats

The addiction continues and is making it possible to ignore my house work. My poor family, it is a miracle that they haven't made me move myself and all of my crap out to the garage. My friend suggested that I make these hats and I didn't for a long time because my owl hats were keeping me busy. I finally decided to join the party and make some. I took these to Rigby for their auto show to sell in my booth. They lasted an hour before they sold! I was so excited and thankful that I took pics before we went. Now, I am not going to act like the first person ever in life to make these hats! I did not use a pattern, just kinda made it up off of some pics online. If it offends you that I made a cranky bird hat then maybe your should order the red one cause it would go with your personality.

Hat Size
Which Character?

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