Friday, March 11, 2011


I have mentioned before that I have a few business'. They all seem to have a season and so I am able to put my time and energy into them when "the time is right." Now that Spring is upon us, adult hats will slow down and jewelery and photography will pick back up. This is awesome because I have crafters ADD. I need to constantly be creating something or I get depressed. Literally, it is like the medicine that tops off the medicine I already take. After making the first few bracelets, my mind would not turn off. I have SO many ideas, but am limited on time. My family thinks it is important to "eat 3 meals a day." FINE then I say goldfish counts as a meal. Anyway, here is the beginning of what I have in store. I will be selling these bracelets. For the most part the price will stay the same for the sizes unless I start to use semi-precious beads for some of my creations.  My daughter wouldn't give this one back to me after she modeled for me.  It made me smile. 

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